Deborah DePasquale has had a lifelong passion for design, entertainment, and all things celebration. As a child, Deborah would spend her time creating elaborate tea parties for friends (real, stuffed or imaginary) and reworking the design of her bedroom. Little did she know this early bravura would lead to a fulfilling career in the wedding and party industry.

Deborah's career in design and event planning continued with her role in corporate sales and marketing. She advised and directed corporate events, but realized her true calling as an event designer while planning her own wedding. Since then, Deborah has made her mark in the event industry with her keen eye for design and intuitive skill of blending sentiment with sophisticated styling. In 2010, Deborah launched Deborah DePasquale Designs. This boutique special occasion and design company creates couture events and offers stylish services to the Capital Region, Saratoga Springs, Adirondacks, and throughout the Northeast.

Deborah finds inspiration in beautiful love stories, family ties, and the anecdotes she hears from her clients. She relies on her warm heart, goal-oriented determination, amazing energy and impeccable taste as the base of her success. Deborah believes no event is successful unless each attendee leaves with a full heart, light shoulders and a smile. Deborah's thoughtfulness and adept listening ability, combined with personal touches and professional flair, create stunning occasions that raise the standard for events in the Northeast and leave a lasting impression of couture events and stylish services.